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The travel collection is your essential companion for maintaining optimal oral health on the go. Designed for convenience and portability, our travel collection features fluoride-free toothpaste tablets in a jar that can be placed in your dopp kit, along with two refills.  

Three month supply. 

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Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Tablets

Our innovative toothpaste tablets offer a mess-free and travel-friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste tubes. Simply pop a tablet into your mouth, chew, and brush for a refreshing clean without the need for water. Formulated without fluoride, these tablets are gentle on sensitive teeth and perfect for those with specific oral care preferences.

Two Refill Pouches

Keep your supply stocked and ready for your next adventure with our refill pouches. Each pouch contains a generous supply of fluoride-free toothpaste tablets, ensuring you never run out of your favorite oral care essentials while traveling. Compact and lightweight, they easily fit into your luggage, purse, or backpack for convenient access wherever you go.

Three Month Supply