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Sensitive Smile Toothpaste

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Formulated with many of the same whitening ingredients as our Twilight Whitening toothpaste, the Sensitive Smile line also includes sensitivity relieving potassium nitrate to ease the feeling in your gums while whitening and remineralizing just the same.  

Experience gentle whitening like never before.

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Sensitivity Targeting

Achieve optimal brushing results without the worry of zingers. By adding potassium nitrate to this formula you can clean, whiten and remineralize without the worry of those painful sensations.

Advanced Fluoride Protection

Pearly Fangs harnesses the power of fluoride to fortify your enamel, providing a robust shield against cavities and decay. Dive into your day with the confidence that your teeth are fortified and protected.

Intensive Whitening Formula

Elevate your daily brushing routine with our intensive whitening formula. Pearly Fangs doesn’t just clean; it brightens your smile, tackling stains and discoloration to reveal the natural brilliance of your pearly whites.

Refreshing Mint Sensation

Indulge your senses with the invigorating burst of mint in every brush. Pearly Fangs Toothpaste leaves your mouth feeling refreshed, ensuring a lingering coolness that accompanies you throughout the day.

Clinically Proven Results

Backed by rigorous testing and crafted by dental experts, Pearly Fangs is your assurance of quality and efficacy. Join the countless smiles that have embraced the transformative results of our premium toothpaste.

Total Oral Care Experience

More than a toothpaste, Pearly Fangs is a comprehensive oral care experience. From fighting plaque to maintaining gum health, it’s your partner in achieving a complete and radiant smile.