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Debut Set

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The debut set was designed for a to become a daily ritual paired with your skincare routine. Carefully curated and thoughtfully formulated, each product in the set delivers a differing experience from beginning your day to winding down. All to improve the health and appearance of your smile, while promoting overall body health.

Start your day well by brushing with our Twilight Whitening toothpaste to leave home feeling extra confident. Touchup throughout the day and before happy hour (or date night) with the paired Twilight Whitening pen. Wind down in the evening with our rejuvenating Sensitive Smile toothpaste and catch up on the group chat with a pair of Pearly White strips before bed. 

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Collection Includes:

Twilight Whitening Pen

Twilight Whitening Toothpaste

Sensitive Smile Toothpaste

Pearly White Strips