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Pearly White Strips

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Introducing our game-changing Pearly White Strips – the secret to unlocking a brilliantly white smile that lasts. Designed to roll into your nighttime skincare routine and formulated to whiten teeth up to 8 shades whiter in just two weeks... while the peppermint freshens your breath. 

Strips adhere directly to your teeth while you moisturize, mask and catch up on the group chat. 

Vegan and not tested on animals

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Effortless Application

The application is a breeze. Gently unwrap the strips and adhere them to your teeth. Their flexible design ensures a snug fit, contouring to your dental landscape for maximum coverage. As you wait for the magic to happen, you can go about your routine – catch up on emails, read a chapter of your favorite book, or simply relax.

Set-and-Forget Brilliance

Our Pearly White Strips boast an advanced formula that works tirelessly during the application time. Whether it’s tackling stubborn stains or enhancing your natural brightness, the strips are designed to deliver noticeable results without interrupting your schedule. Once the recommended time has elapsed, remove the strips to reveal a visibly whiter, rejuvenated

The Renewal

Using our Pearly White Strips becomes a symbolic renewal – a commitment to maintaining a radiant smile that reflects your best self. This routine ensures that your teeth receive the care they deserve, allowing you to face the world with confidence.

Long-Lasting Confidence

The effects of our Pearly White Strips aren’t just instantaneous; they last. Experience the joy of a whiter smile that stays with you, boosting your confidence and leaving a lasting impression. This ritual isn’t just about oral care; it’s a celebration of your commitment to self-care.